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5 Amazing Garnishing Ideas To Enhance The Flavour And Look Of A Dish

5 Amazing Garnishing Ideas To Enhance The Flavour And Look Of A Dish

Have you ever caught yourself in a restaurant looking at other diners’ plates? Many of us would answer ‘yes’ since we want to know if the item they ordered looks appetising or not! It goes without saying that visually appealing foods catch our attention first, which is why meal presentation and garnishing are crucial aspects of cooking. Food is enhanced with garnishes as they provide colour, texture, and flavour. They completely transform a dish’s appearance, making them aesthetically pleasing and delectable. These 5 garnishing choices can help you improve the presentation and flavour of your dish if you are hosting a party.

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Here Are 5 Amazing Garnishing Ideas That Will Enhance The Flavour And Look Of A Dish:

1. Nuts And Seeds

What’s better than adding crushed nuts and seeds to the dish to give it a crunchy texture and colour? Nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews, etc., are best used to garnish thick gravies and desserts like halva, baklava, burfi, etc. These not only make the dish look good but also add a nutty flavour to the dish.

Add nuts and seeds to your smoothie bowl to make it look interesting.

2. Grated Coconut

There are certain dishes that pair well with coconut. For example, dosa, coconut chutney, coconut milk curries, etc. Even though there’s enough coconut flavour infused in the main dish, garnishing these dishes with grated coconut will make them more visually attractive. You can use freshly shaved coconut or even dried coconut for this.

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3. Yogurt

Who would have thought that yogurt would make a great garnishing option for food? Yes, this tasty food not only adds creamy flavour and texture to food but also enhances its look. Just take a spoonful of yoghurt and drizzle it on vegetables, thick curries and salads. Ensure you use unflavoured yoghurt for your meals.


Yoghurt makes food creamy and tasty. Photo Credit: unsplash

4. Herbs And Spices

Fresh coriander leaves are one of the herbs that that are most frequently used to garnish dishes all over the world. They have a fresh earthy flavour and modify the dish’s appearance with their vibrant green colour. In addition to it, one may also use mint, curry, and basil leaves. Besides using herbs, one can also garnish food with spices like red chilli powder, black pepper powder, etc.


Chopped green and chilies can be used for garnishing. Photo Credit: unsplash

5. Pomegranate

The vibrant red colour of pomegranate seeds can enrich the look of any meal. Be it Indian, Middle Eastern, or American cuisine, pomegranate seeds go well with everything. The juicy seeds add a sweet flavour to the food and boost the taste of the dish making it look like a restaurant-served meal. You can add a handful of pomegranate seeds to salads, yoghurt dips, hummus etc.

These were some fun ways to garnish dishes. Try these out and impress your guests!

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