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5 Ways You Can Store Butter To Keep It Fresh

5 Ways You Can Store Butter To Keep It Fresh

Just a spoonful of butter is enough to make everything from your dal makhani to corn soup, absolutely creamy. Butter has remained to be the preferred spread for toast and a great option to top up any dish. But butter tastes good only as long as it’s fresh. You must have noticed that if you leave the butter out of the refrigerator, it starts to taste bad and its colour also changes. Hence, storing the butter is crucial if you want to retain its freshness and creaminess for longer. But how do you do it? Well, we have got some tips that will help you save your butter.

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Here Are 5 Tips To Keep Butter Fresh:

1. Keep It Refrigerated

We know that it is the most common technique to store butter but some of us still don’t follow this and the butter turns bad. When you leave the butter out in the open, it tends to get oxidised and its taste, texture and colour change. Keeping it at a lower temperature reduces the chances of oxidation and extends the life of butter.

Always keep butter in fridge. Photo Credit: istock

2. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Salted butter takes more time to get spoiled than fresh white butter if stored at room temperature. But even if you are storing the butter on your kitchen slab, then make sure to keep it away from sunlight to avoid bacterial growth.

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3. Avoid Aluminium Foil

You may think that using aluminium foil to wrap your butter may be a good idea, but it is not. Aluminium foil speeds up the oxidation process which can make your butter turn rancid.

4. Airtight Container

You can find a variety of airtight containers in the market to store butter. This method protects the butter from heat, sunlight, and oxygen or the factors that encourage the growth of bacteria.

5. Keep The Butter Paper

Try not to throw away the butter paper which comes along with your butter. It helps preserve the taste of your butter and is any day better than keeping the butter on a plate.


Keep butter in the same butter paper it was packet in. Photo Credit: istock

Hope you found these tips helpful. Do let us know about your feedback in the comment section below.

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