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Amazon continues to sell clothes hook spy cameras after US lawsuit: report

Amazon continues to sell clothes hook spy cameras after US lawsuit: report

The regular-looking plastic ‘spy’ hook is campaigned as a perfect fit for the living room in a house that can record video for 90 minutes and the battery lasts up to 2 hours. — Amazon

Amazon is selling spy cameras disguised as laundry hangers, despite being sued over the devices by a woman in the United States.

The BBC discovered one clothes hook camera listing that shows the device in a bathroom.

A US judge recently ordered that the e-commerce giant must face a lawsuit brought by a woman who claims she was videotaped in the restroom using an Amazon-purchased clothes hook camera.

According to a privacy expert, the abuse of such gadgets may violate British laws.

Amazon refused to comment on the matter.

A foreign exchange student and aspiring actress initiated a legal lawsuit against the corporation in the United States.

She claims that when she was a youngster in a West Virginia residence, she was secretly videotaped in the toilet using a camera disguised as a clothes hanger that she said was purchased on Amazon.

The individual accused of being responsible is on trial.

According to her lawsuit to a United States District Court, the description on Amazon where the camera was reportedly purchased was accompanied by an image of it being used to hang towels and the tagline “it won’t attract attention.”

The complaint also claims that the camera’s usage was “foreseeable to Amazon” and wants punitive damages from Amazon Inc, Amazon.com Services LLC, and other unidentified defendants.

Amazon recently sought, but failed, to have the case dismissed, alleging that it was not liable for how the camera was used.

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