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Amritsar Street Vendor Makes Swimming Pool Chole Kulche – Watch Viral Video

Amritsar Street Vendor Makes Swimming Pool Chole Kulche - Watch Viral Video

Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of breads. One such example is the classic kulcha, traditionally paired with a spicy mix of chole. It is quite popular in North India, especially Punjab. From the finger-licking good Amritsari kulcha to the delicious onion kulcha, it is difficult to resist these delectable delights! Now, elevating the kulcha game a notch higher, we have a street vendor in Amritsar who is gaining attention on social media. All thanks to their jaw-dropping innovation – kulchas served after a soak in chole. Yes, you heard it right. There’s a viral video on Instagram showcasing this culinary creation. Get your taste buds ready for an adventure.
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This video takes us straight to a food stall in Amritsar. It begins with a vendor playfully tossing fluffy kulchas into a large container filled with chole. He then uses a ladle to dip them all in, letting them soak up all that saucy goodness. After they’re fully soaked up, he transfers them onto a paper plate, tops them with a generous serving of chole and tangy onion chutney. The reel is captioned, “Swimming pool wale kulche chole.” Take a look at the video below:

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The comment section of this video was filled with mixed reactions. Some people showered love, while others didn’t appreciate this food experiment. “Yeh mere favourite hai (This dish is my favourite),” wrote a user. “Bahot khaye hain (Ate a lot of them),” added another. A person praised by writing, “The best in Amritsar.” Someone asked in the comments, “Ye kaise chole kulche hain? (What kind of chole kulche are these?)” A critical comment read, “Kya bakwas hai yeh? Yaar kuchh bhi mat post karo (What nonsense is this? Don’t keep posting anything randomly).”

What are your thoughts on these swimming pool kulche chole? Share with us in the comment section below.

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