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Billie Eilish’s new mysterious hip tattoo sparks confusion among fans

Billie Eilish’s new mysterious hip tattoo sparks confusion among fans

Billie Eilish has five known tattoos in total that she only recently started revealing

Billie Eilish just added to her body art collection.

After revealing a massive back tattoo last month, the 21-year-old singer inked up her body once again – this time on her hips.

Eilish flashed a glimpse of the new tat as she graced the Variety Hitmakers red carpet over the weekend.

The Bad Guy songstress rocked a blue Dodgers bomber jacket paired with effortlessly baggy jeans, adding a touch of her signature flair with thick-framed, orange-tinted shades and a pink beanie.

As the Grammy-winning singer posed for the photos, raising her arms up to her head to make a peace sign, her jacket slightly lifted up, flashing the word “Hard” scribbled across her hip in cursive, black lettering.

The meaning of the body art is remains a mystery, and it is unclear whether there is more to the ink concealed by her pants.

Fans wasted no time trying to determine the meaning of the tattoo, but to no avail.

“’Hard’ tattoo goes stupid, I love it,” one fan declared.

“’HARD’ WHAT I NEED TO KNOWW,” another eagerly inquired as someone else chimed in, “’HARD’ WHAT BILLIE?”

The new tattoo sat right next to her dragon tattoo, which serpentines mid-way down her thigh.

Besides these two, Billie also has a back tattoo, a tattoo on her wrist, and a chest tattoo.

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