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Cillian Murphy takes shot at ‘fame’

Cillian Murphy takes shot at 'fame'

Cillian Murphy takes shot at ‘fame’

Cillian Murphy has a marriage of convenience with fame, as he gets riled over being photographed on the streets.

During an interview with Rolling Stone UK, Irish actor said, “It can ruin experiences because it fetishises everything,” adding, “You can be walking down the street and someone takes a picture like this is a ****** event.”

The Batman Begins star added, “I don’t like being photographed by people. I find that offensive. If I was a woman, and it was a man photographing me.”

Comparing popularity to commuting, the Inceptions star said, “You have to commute to get to your destination.

I think that’s the way the best people are: they’re not doing it for any other reason but love of the craft. They have a compulsion to make work, not to be famous or get attention.”

The 46-year-old added, “fame evaporates with regularity. I’m around here all the time and no one gives a ****** *****. Nobody cares. I go to the shop. It dissipates. But if… one of the guys from Succession walked in here, I’d be all intimidated and shaky. When you’re confronted with someone you’ve invested a lot in, or you think is amazing, the encounter is strange.”

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