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Courteney Cox Makes KFC, And Its Not Kentucky Fried Chicken

Courteney Cox Makes KFC, And Its Not Kentucky Fried Chicken

Is eating authentic Kimchi, Bibimbap or Tteokbokki on your wish list? Well, you are definitely not alone. It’s not just Korean dramas, K-pop bands or the beauty regime that are popular these days. Korean food also has its own share of fans, with Courteney Cox of F.R.I.E.N.D.S fame among them. Well, it’s not a secret that Courteney Cox loves to share her favourite recipes with her Instagram family and the latest addition is KFC. No, it’s not a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but actually Korean Fried Chicken. “We make this easier in the south, but it sure doesn’t taste this good. Korean Fried Chicken & Croffles + Korean Coleslaw,” Courteney Cox wrote in the caption. Croffle is a mix between a waffle and a croissant.

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Courteney Cox channelled her inner ‘Monica Geller’ to prepare the recipe with chef Kevin Lee. Her fans declared it delicious in the comments. Some were even nostalgic about the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode where her character got her head stuck within a turkey. 

“That’s like Monica used to do it,” an account commented.

“Love you Courteney. Had a glimpse of Monica today,” a user wrote.

“Please don’t try to wear this on your head,” a user joked, referring to a hilarious moment from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

“This video proves that you really are the best CHEF of FRIENDS,” another individual claimed.

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Courteney Cox had previously shared a video of steak au poivre and creamy polenta that is sure to make you salivate.

It’s not just non-vegetarian recipes that Courteney Cox is skilled in. To help everyone deal with the changing weather, Courteney Cox shared a vegan soup recipe that is sure to appeal to everyone’s taste buds. The soup was made using zucchini, cashews and leeks. “If you’re not vegan you can add grated pecorino on top,” the actor wrote in the caption. She avoided using milk or cream in the recipe by adding cashews soaked in filtered water to make the soup creamy. The easy-to-make recipe can be a healthy addition to your diet. 

So which one is your favourite?

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