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Elon Musk starts war with Tesla workers which he might not win

Elon Musk starts war with Tesla workers which he might not win

A cut out of Elon Musk with a Tesla display as a backdrop. — Tesla

Elon Musk and a bunch of Swedish labourers are at odds, resulting in a nationwide strike wave affecting the billionaire’s electric vehicle company, Tesla.

The trade union “IF Metall” in Sweden declared a walkout in late October, sparking the start of the industrial action. Since then, a number of other unions have united in support, including labour organisations in neighbouring nations like Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

The Swedish employees wish to compel Tesla to sign a collective bargaining agreement, as is customary in their nation.

“Coverage of collective agreement is extremely high in Sweden,” Lars Calmfors, a professor of international economics at Stockholm University, said. “If you look at the whole economy, somewhere around 85% of all employees are covered by collective agreement.”

Sweden does not have a minimum salary by law; instead, equitable compensation is maintained by collective agreements.

The nation’s business relationships with unions are likewise generally cordial.

“There is a strong tradition of cooperation between unions and employers in all the Nordic countries. But this culture of cooperation is especially strong in Sweden with a very low level of industrial conflict,” Calmfors said

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