JESSE WATTERS: The left remains silent on Antifa violence

JESSE WATTERS: The left remains silent on Antifa violence

Jesse Watters discusses how Antifa members orchestrated a vicious attack on police forces in Atlanta and how the left is remaining in denial on Antifa’s continued violence in America on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: That was day one of Antifa’s week of action. This has been simmering for months, and Antifa is living in treehouses in the woods where police were building their new training center in Georgia. They called themselves the Forest Defenders. They say they’re protesting environmental racism, but really, it’s about getting rid of cops. 

Antifa doesn’t care about the environment. I haven’t seen them in East Palestine, and we haven’t seen them at the Jersey Shore protesting windmill whale murder. When police started kicking the forest defenders out of the trees, oe of their members known as “Little Turtle” Tortuguita, started shooting at cops. A state trooper was seriously wounded, and “Little Turtle” was killed. 

And now Antifa is avenging Little Turtle’s death. And the hidden side, a group of peaceful protesters outside the construction site, they had comedy shows, music festivals. They even gave tours of the forest. And that’s when things started turning mostly peaceful. 

Then 150 Antifa militants peeled off, changed into camouflage clothing and black masks and stormed the construction site. The Antifa militants chucked bricks and Molotov cocktails at police, lit construction equipment ablaze. This was a highly organized attack, and it won’t be the last. Antifa is getting stronger. They’re international.

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