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King Charles, Queen Camilla update royal family’s social media photos

King Charles, Queen Camilla update royal family's social media photos

After announcing new title of Camilla, the royal family has updated the profile photos for the official social media pages with the newly released portrait of the King and Queen.

King Charles and Queen Camilla’s new avatar now appears on the royal family’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages, adding to the excitement as the couple’s crowning ceremony looms just one month away.

The adorable picture, taken by Charles and Camilla’s wedding photographer Hugo Burnand, was released by the palace Tuesday along with the official coronation invitation.

The countdown is on courtiers’ minds, with the royals tweeting a celebratory message and circulating the portrait again on Thursday. 

It suggests that Charles and Queen will take over the accounts like Prince William and Kate Middleton who have recently updated their own pages to reflect their new royal titles as the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

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