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LAURA INGRAHAM: We’re not going to remain a superpower unless we dramatically change course

LAURA INGRAHAM: We're not going to remain a superpower unless we dramatically change course

Fox News host Laura Ingraham lays out three takeaways from China’s growing worldwide presence and calls for the Biden administration to wake up on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: There are three takeaways from this past month. First, President Xi will be the big victor in Ukraine. Second, China has more influence now in Europe than we do. And third, Biden’s post-Trump European charm offensive backfired. 

The AP sums it up this way: “Over the past two decades, the Chinese government has often used its economic heft to pry France, Germany and other allies away from the U.S. on issues ranging from military security and trade to human rights and Taiwan.” And what about the trips by world leaders paying homage to Beijing? They write, “[They] are meant to reassure Xi of respect for Beijing’s control over all of Chinese territory and to urge calm. They also highlight the challenge the U.S. faces as it tries to build a coalition of countries to ramp up pressure on Beijing over its expansionist policies.” 


Build a coalition? Joe Biden couldn’t build a coalition of preschoolers to play “Ring around the Rosie.” It’s ridiculous. So if American voters give Joe Biden four more years, the message to China, to Europe, to big business will be one of total capitulation. 

This combination image shows U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington, Nov. 6, 2021, and China’s President Xi Jinping in Brasília, Brazil, Nov. 13, 2019. Biden and Xi will have a rare virtual encounter this week with other Pacific Rim leaders during this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum hosted by New Zealand, to chart a path to recovery out of the once-in-a-century crisis brought on by the pandemic. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Eraldo Peres) (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Eraldo Peres)

If we’re lucky, China is going to allow us to play the role of something akin to being like a junior partner at a law firm, but look, they’re going to make all the big decisions. And let’s face this: Biden’s own Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, she’s already indicated that they’re not interested in challenging a China that’s obviously on the move. 

Now we’re sleepwalking into a geopolitical calamity. Every year we go further into debt to defend countries in Europe who despise us and who are openly working with the CCP. And every year we outsource jobs and technology to China and give President Xi the money he needs to build a stronger military, one certainly growing stronger than ours.


We’re not going to remain a superpower or any kind of power unless we dramatically change course. And this is not going to happen unless we get new leaders. The GOP presidential nomination in 2024 should go to the candidate who best understands these facts and who has the will and the ability to change course and defend our interests. 

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