Malaika Aroras Wholesome Meal Is Oh-So-Relatable

Malaika Aroras Wholesome Meal Is Oh-So-Relatable

Malaika Arora’s love for food is known to all of us. After all, she is a fitness icon who also indulges in good food. Agree? We all know that Malaika Arora mostly follows a healthy and clean diet with occasional cheat days, especially during the weekends. This Saturday, she took a slightly different route. She gave her Instagram family a glimpse of her weekend binge. She called it a “wholesome meal.” In the picture, we can spot a roti which looks like a millet roti or beetroot chapati, a bowl of yellow dal, malai kofta and quinoa fried rice. Wait, there is more. A dahi vada was served in a glass along with a sweet dish.
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While Malaika Arora is indulging in such clean and healthy meals, why should you keep your body deprived of such good stuff? Here is how you can prepare a healthy meal inspired by Malaika Arora at home.

1. Beetroot paratha

Change the way you used to consume your flatbreads. Adding beetroots to your flour not only makes it appetising but also converts it into a powerhouse of nutrients. And when you prepare your parathas with ghee, the flavours will surely make your taste buds feel alive. The recipe is here.

2. Vegetable dalia khichdi

This recipe is one of the brilliant ways to eat all things healthy. While a normal oatmeal dish could appear monotonous, vegetable dalia is loaded with fibre vitamins and minerals. Take a look at the recipe here.

3. Makhmali Kofta

The creamy gravy with lip-smacking flavours, is honestly heaven in your mouth. The texture and consistency make it an amazing option to be served in front of your guests. Your recipe is here.

4. Dahi Vada without fried vada

Wondering how this dish can be healthy? Prepare the dish without frying the vada. The trick is to use the boiled vada. Trust us, it will taste equally amazing. Click here for the recipe.

5. Mango kheer

How much sweet is too much sweet? Well, to make your weekend a memorable one, we have picked this classic mango kheer recipe. Click here.

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