Meghan will try to overshadow Prince William’s US visit after Harry’s birthday?

Meghan will try to overshadow Prince William's US visit after Harry's birthday?

Prince William’s upcoming visit to the United States would coincide with Prince Harry’s birthday.

His younger brother is settled in California with his wife and two children. The Prince of Wales is scheduled to travel to New York for two days in September.

According to the British media, the visit would take place only a few days after Prince Harry celebrates his 39th birthday.

The Prince of Wales is not expected to meet up with his estranged brother.

The visit comes less than a year before Prince Harry released his tell-all book “Spare”.

The Duke of Sussex levelled a string of allegations against his father King Charles, Queen Camilla and Prince William just months before his father’s coronation.

While William is not likely to wish his brother on his birthday or meet him in the United States, it is expected that Harry’s wife Meghan Markle would try to overshadow his visit to the United States.

Prince William, the future King, can also use his visit to repair his relationship with his brother by simply arranging a meeting or sending birthday greetings but royal observers rule out any possibility of a truce between the two brothers in the near future.

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