Mithila Palkars Weekend Food Diaries Featured This Popular Street Food From Mumbai

Mithila Palkars Weekend Food Diaries Featured This Popular Street Food From Mumbai

Vada pav occupies a special place in the hearts of Mumbaikars. The wholesome deep-fried potato vada sandwiched between buns and accompanied by a range of chutneys is utterly delightful. It is delicious, easy to make and convenient to eat. Well, you would often find celebrities also gushing over this roadside dish. Not to forget – Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy cravings included this quintessential street food snack. Well, this time, someone who reminded us of the goodness of vada pav is none other than Mithila Palkar. She has shared a sneak peek into her Sunday binge. In the pictures, she can be seen biting into a mouth-watering vada pav. For the caption, she mentioned, “Um. Hi. So how’s your Sunday going?” We have started craving vada pav now. What about you?   

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Your trip to Mumbai is incomplete without the epic street food items. However, the best thing is that you can always try recreating the dishes at home with the right ingredients. For much-needed inspiration, we have mentioned recipes for five popular street food items in Mumbai.

Here’re 5 Popular Street Foods Of Mumbai:

1) Vada Pav

We just can’t help but start the list with this one. After all,  Vada pav is not food, but it’s an emotion for Mumbaikars out there. The combination of crispy potato-filled vadas, pav (bread) and fiery chutneys is mind-blowing. You can prepare this at home and you will love it. Recipe here.

2) Pav Bhaji

Let’s admit, we can never get enough of pav bhaji. The yummy bhaji is loaded with vegetables and a bunch of spices making it a delectable affair. Serve it with chopped onions and lime juice. Click here for the recipe.  

3) Bombay Toasty

Your regular sandwich gets a spicy makeover with this recipe. Bombay toasty mainly contains a tasty preparation of vegetables including potatoes and mint chutney. Loaded with butter and toasted to perfection, this is a sheer delight to have. Find the recipe here.    

4) Dabeli

A plate full of dabeli can be your go-to treat to deal with hunger pangs. In this, a spicy preparation of potatoes is pressed between buns. Dabeli is served with tamarind chutney, roasted peanuts and pomegranate seeds. Recipe here.   

5) Misal Pav

Can we call it one of the most preferred breakfast options, please? After all, it offers the perfect blend of flavours. Misal is basically a curry made with sprouts/moth beans and is relished with pav. Click here for the recipe.   

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Are you a fan of street food items? If yes, then what are you going to try from the list mentioned above?

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