Monsoon Dampening Salt And Sugar In The Kitchen? Not Anymore! 5 Tips To Prevent It

Monsoon Dampening Salt And Sugar In The Kitchen? Not Anymore! 5 Tips To Prevent It

If you thought only the summer season brings along humidity, then you need to get your facts checked. The monsoon increases the moisture level in the air by leaps and bounds, making the atmosphere humid and damp. Unfortunately, this directly affects the food stored in our kitchens. If you notice, you will find vegetables decaying before their time during the monsoon. You will also see different food products getting damp and moist even after proper storage. Amidst it all, it’s salt and sugar that are affected the most. This means you need to make some extra effort while storing these ingredients during the rainy season. If you are facing the same struggle and don’t know what to do, then stay back and go through the entire article. Here, we will take you through some home remedies to prevent salt and sugar from attracting excess moisture. Read on.
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Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Prevent Excess Moisture In Salt And Sugar:

1. Throw some rice grains in the container:

This is possibly one of the most effective ways to prevent moisture absorption in salt and sugar. Rice acts like a natural desiccant and absorbs excess moisture. In a salt sprinkler, throw some rice as is, and for big containers, put the rice in a pouch and then place it inside.

2. Put some coffee beans in the container:

Coffee beans also help absorb excess moisture, like rice grains. And the best part is, salt and sugar don’t pick up the flavour of coffee, making them easy to use for cooking.

3. Throw in some cloves:

Besides adding flavour to your meal, cloves can also be used for various home remedy purposes. For instance, they help absorb excess moisture and preserve the quality of salt and sugar. However, in this process, the ingredients might pick up the aroma of cloves. So, we suggest wrapping the cloves in a piece of cloth before adding them to a salt or sugar container.

4. Add some rajma:

Did you know that some dried rajma can help preserve the quality of salt and sugar during the monsoons? You heard us right. It works like coffee beans and is hygroscopic in nature, meaning it has the ability to absorb moisture from the air.

5. Store the containers in a cool and dry place:

Where you store the container plays an equally important role in maintaining the quality of salt and sugar during the monsoon. Make sure you store them in a cool and dry place, away from excess sunlight or humidity, to keep them safe for a long time.
Try these hacks and enjoy cooking yummy delicacies during the monsoon.

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