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Nick Cannon talks about supporting Alec Baldwin amid ‘Rust’ tragedy

Nick Cannon talks about supporting Alec Baldwin amid 'Rust' tragedy

Nick Cannon talks about supporting Alec Baldwin amid ‘Rust’ tragedy 

Nick Cannon talked about supporting his Hollywood Heist co-star Alec Baldwin after Rust charges against the actor were dropped.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the television host said he prayed for the It’s Complicated star following the tragic incident happened on his film set which resulted in death of cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins.

“He is my man,” Cannon said of his bond with Baldwin. “I’ve been supporting him just as a fan, man. He’s one of the greats, but then obviously the unfortunate and tragic situation that he’s in the middle of.”

“When things like that happen, all you can do is pray for your friends and you colleagues, and the prayers were answered,” the father-of-twelve added.

Cannon then dished on how filming their forthcoming crime comedy, in which Baldwin plays the fictionalized version of himself, helped the actor take his mind off of his legal war.

“It gave him the opportunity to take his mind off of some very serious stuff that was going on in his mind, because when we were making it, he was in the midst of all of that,” Cannon shared. “So, prayers, shout outs. Love him. I can’t wait for people to see the film.”

He added, “And once you see our film, which is called Hollywood Heist, you’ll see that it’s the inner workings of Hollywood. So, he’s almost playing a very similar character, and the film has this like a Big Lebowski/Pulp Fiction type of vibe.”

The comedian, who also serves as an executive producer on the film, said, “My character, who is an agent, is trying to convince one of the greatest actors of all time to be in a film for one of his clients.”

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