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Now Make Pani Puri Weight Loss-Friendly With These Easy Tips

Now Make Pani Puri Weight Loss-Friendly With These Easy Tips

Losing weight is not a simple task but a journey altogether. People try all sorts of diet and exercise regimes to shed those stubborn kilos. To maintain a calorie-deficit diet and to start the weight reduction journey, it is important to cut out all junk and fattening foods from our diet. Thus, weight loss programs often come down strongly on our favourite foods such as pizzas, burgers, chaat and more. Street-style pani puri, for instance, is one such food that we all love but experts advise against having it on a weight-loss diet. What if we told you it was possible to eat your favourite pani puri without derailing your weight loss plans?

Yes, you read that right. It is indeed possible to have pani puri even on a weight loss diet. Popular dietitian Garima, known as @dietitiangarima on Instagram, recently shared a video in which she explained how pani puri can be made weight-loss friendly. She suggested that pani puri was actually a much healthier treat as compared to cheesy junk foods like burgers, pizzas etc. She further made a couple of suggestions to make pani puri weight loss-friendly and low in calories.

Here Are Tips And Tricks To Make Pani Puri Weight Loss-Friendly:

1. Make Puri At Home

If possible, make puchkas or puris at home as they would require less oil and also be healthier and more hygienic. The store-bought or street-style ones are often laden with excess oil that may prove harmful for those watching their weight. “To further lower its calorie content, make the golgappa balls at home in an air-fryer with minimum oil usage. Puris can also be easily made at home by baking,” suggested dietitian Garima.

2. Use Less Potatoes

Potatoes in the pani puri filling can actually be eliminated or reduced in quantity to make pani puri healthier. Further, you can also replace potatoes with something healthy like mashed chickpeas, suggested the dietitian. This would make it rich in protein and ‘nutritionally better’.

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Puchka is filled with potatoes, but can be replaced instead. Photo: iStock

3. Portion Control

The good thing is that golgappa or pani puri can actually be a low-calorie and healthy treat, provided that you make it right and practice portion control. “If you compare golgappas with other options such as burgers, pizzas, manchurian, cheese corn roll etc., it is definitely a low-calorie option,” she wrote in the caption. But, just like with all other foods, even pani puri should be consumed in moderation.

4. Use Spices And Condiments

Interestingly, the pani used in pani puri has plenty of spices and condiments that may actually prove beneficial for health. If you make the pani at home, you can surely add these amazing spices. For instance, dietitian Garima explained that tamarind used in the making of water actually is a great source of iron that may boost haemoglobin levels. “Then there are specific ingredients for the gut health such as mint (pudina), asafoetida (hing), fennel seeds (saunf), cumin powder (jeera), black salt (kala namak), jaljeera etc. They help to deal with acidity and bloating,” she wrote. These are common digestive issues that may hamper your weight loss goals.

Watch the full video of diet-friendly pani puri here:

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Remember, do not follow any advice on the internet blindly. If you are trying to lose weight, always consult a qualified dietitian before embarking on any extreme weight loss diets. Eat a balanced diet, exercise well and get good sleep too! And yes, surely enjoy your favourite foods once in a while.

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