Obstacles being placed in Zaka Ashraf’s way ahead of PCB chairman election

Obstacles being placed in Zaka Ashraf’s way ahead of PCB chairman election

The election of the PCB Chairman will be held on Tuesday, 27 June, at the PCB headquarters in Lahore.

Najam Sethi recently announced that he has withdrawn from PCB Chairman’s race. After his withdrawal, former PCB chairman, Zaka Ashraf is the favorite to take charge of the role again, however, he faces the possibility of facing several obstacles. 

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On Wednesday evening, Najam Sethi also visited the National Cricket Academy, where most directors, heads of departments, and senior members were present in the boardroom, for his farewell ceremony.

According to the sources, Sethi reportedly emphasized the importance of keeping all projects running, as things can change anytime. During this meeting, some officials also proposed the idea of postponing the elections. 

While addressing the colleagues, one official expressed, “Prepare yourselves for extended office hours,” alluding to Zaka Ashraf’s tendency to work till late at night after arriving in the afternoon. However, before that, on Wednesday, a senior board member called for a meeting of senior officials at noon, during which it was mentioned that it is not confirmed that elections would take place immediately.

Furthermore, the potential of legal battle ensuing is also not out of the realm of possibility.

Sources have revealed that certain officials of the PCB are playing a “Double Game.” These officials have reportedly assured Sethi of their loyalty, while have also maintained contact with Zaka Ashraf. Their alleged motive is to safeguard their positions regardless of who assumes the chairman role.

Furthermore, covert endeavors are reportedly underway to orchestrate a surprise during the elections. Prime Minister and PML-N patron Shehbaz Sharif has nominated Mustafa Ramday, alongside Zaka Ashraf, as a potential candidate for the PCB chairman position. Some officials want Ramday to be elected as chairman.

There were also alleged efforts to strategically place “own people” within the BOG (Board of Governors), as it will be easier to bring a change in leadership through a motion of no confidence following the general elections.

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