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Q&A: Ask Barry Svrluga about D.C. sports and beyond

Q&A: Ask Barry Svrluga about D.C. sports and beyond

There are major issues in Washington sports worthy of discussion. The Commanders and Nationals are both hoping to find new owners. The Wizards need a new general manager. The Capitals need a new coach. That’s a lot of hopes and dreams.

There are smaller issues that are also worthy of discussion. The Nats are on a pace for 95-ish losses. So why does it feel like there’s progress? The Commanders hold a rookie mini-camp this weekend. Something called the (checks notes) D.C. Defenders are playing for the XFL title on Saturday.

Plus, so much else that has nothing to do with D.C. Celtics-76ers! Warriors-Lakers! The eighth-seeded Florida Panthers! The Kentucky Derby! Golf!

Bring whatever questions are on your mind to the link below. Here are some of the topics I’ve addressed so far:

Send us your questions below. The question box includes a space for your name, but this is optional. Your question may be edited for accuracy and clarity.

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Thomas Floyd, an editor for The Post’s Sports section, produced this Q&A.

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