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Taylor Swift lookalike calls out ‘bullies’ Swifties after pulling off ‘horrific’ prank

Taylor Swift lookalike calls out 'bullies' Swifties after pulling off 'horrific' prank

Left: Ashley Leechin, Right: Taylor Swift

A Taylor Swift look-alike is swearing off impersonating the singer forever.

Ashley Leechin is a 30-year-old TikTok star, who gained prominence on the video platform for sharing an uncanny resemblance with the Grammy winner.

Most recently, she made headlines for conducting a “social experiment” for a YouTube video with Vic In the Game, in which she donned large sunglasses and Swift’s signature red lipstick and went out accompanied by bodyguards to experience the life of a high-profile celebrity.

While the content creator praised the “positive experience” she had with in-person Swifties at their interactions, Leechin also addressed the backlash she received for performing the stunt at the same time as the fandom sparked distaste for swarming Jack Antonoff’s wedding venue in New Jersey, where the Lover singer was in attendance.

@noitisashley13 Sorry late post. ‘A day in the life of a celebrity’ – only because it was Taylor everyone is blowing this out of proportion. If it were anyone else, it would have had a completely different outcome. This is why celebrities would hire decoys so they can enjoy their private event or quiey evening. Thank you to everyone who was so kind & sweet yesterday. Not going squash any other rumors because that is pointless. Just a friendly reminder, please do not bully any of my friends. You can bully me because it seems to be an okay thing to do in the ‘swiftie’ fandom but please do not bully my friends because they were incredible to work with. #itsjustashley #vicinthegame #taylorswift ♬ original sound – Ashley

“I don’t follow Taylor’s every move,” the social media star said, “so with everything that happened, I was definitely late finding out a lot of that stuff.”

“There’s a difference between a Taylor Swift fan—you can love her music, you can love her as a person, you can look up to her—and then there are Swifties,” she shared on TikTok. “They are completely two different groups.”

Ashley went on to request the fandom to avoid bullying her friends for participating in the stunt, noting bullying “seems to be an okay thing to do in the ‘swiftie’ fandom.”

In the end, she accused Swifties of being “possessive” over the artist, branding it a “dangerous” phenomenon.

She also opened up about her struggles to fit into the narrative of a Swiftie, sharing, “If you don’t fit exactly what they want you to look like, to talk like, they’re not going to accept you.”

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