Throwing A Party? This Last-Minute Cocktail Will Save The Day

Throwing A Party? This Last-Minute Cocktail Will Save The Day

Throwing parties is fun, but the pre and post-party chores can be a bit daunting. From making arrangements for your guests to cleaning up the mess the day after, there’s a long to-do list to check while hosting friends and families at home. In between, it is quite natural to miss out on a thing or two, like preparing a welcome drink to kick-start the evening. While alcohol tops most of our to-do list, we often forget to get the accompaniments to prepare cocktails for guests. How often do you find yourself in one such crisis? Quite often, right? In that case, we suggest always keeping this note handy for a last-minute cover-up. That’s right.
While we don’t endorse alcohol consumption by means, it is okay to enjoy a peg or two occasionally, following all the preventive measures. Here’s one such last-minute cocktail recipe that you can make with any white spirit available at home, including gin, vodka, and white rum. The best part is: you can turn it into a mocktail as well by just eliminating the alcohol part from the recipe. We named it the Sweet Lemon Fizz. Let’s take you through the recipe.
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Last-Minute Cocktail Recipe | How To Make Sweet Lemon Fizz:

For this recipe, you just need some mausami juice, some mint for freshness, and soda or tonic water. Alongside, you can use a white spirit of your choice. We prefer making it with rum, vodka, or gin. To start with, crush some mint and add it to a shaker. To it, add the spirit, mausami juice, and shake well. If you don’t find mausami, just prepare a syrup using sugar and lemon juice. Once mixed, add it in a highball glass or any glass you have at home. Top with tonic water and dress with a lemon circle and some mint. That’s it. Click here for the recipe.
Now, you must be wondering what to do if you don’t have a shaker at home. Fret not, we have a solution for that too. You need to understand that the idea is to infuse the flavors of mausami and mint in the alcohol. To do that, you can also mix everything together in a closed container and keep it for an hour or so. Then you are good to go with the rest of the steps.
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Bonus Tip: How To Make Sweet Lemon Fizz Mocktail:

Remember, we told you that you can make a mocktail too with these ingredients? So how about having the recipe handy for the friends who avoid alcohol? To make this drink, you take three-fourth glass of mausami juice and crush mint in it. Shake it together to infuse the flavors. Then add ice in a tall glass, add the mix and top with tonic water. Finally, garnish with some more mint and a lemon wedge and take a sip!

Trust us and try this drink for your upcoming house party, and thank us later! Happy Weekend!

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