Tom Holland says ‘The Crowded Room’ negative reviews hurt

Tom Holland says 'The Crowded Room' negative reviews hurt

Tom Holland was not expected the overwhelmingly negative response to ‘The Crowded Room’ from critics

The Crowded Room was strongly disapproved by the critics, leaving the series lead star Tom Holland grappling with the hurtful reviews.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Spider-Man star admitted the negative reviews are hard to process, “It was a kick in the teeth,” adding, “Rolling over, looking up the reviews, and then all of a sudden I was like, ‘Wow. That’s a bad review.’ Sometimes there’s a redeeming quality in there. There was nothing.”

While the young actor also pointed out some good reviews before adding that he is hopeful for the show and respects critical opinions.

“There will be good ones,” he said. “There will be. I try to have a healthy outlook on all that sort of stuff and respect everyone’s opinion.”

Meanwhile, the critics’ ire at the show was drawn by the series’ repetitive nature and failure to tell a story that lives up to the mark.

“What restricts and ultimately feels ‘The Crowded Room’ isn’t just one poor decision,” IndieWire’s reviewer Ben Travers penned.

“Far too long and visually repetitive, the 10-episode limited series starring Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried doesn’t have the dramatic heft needed to justify its length, nor is its narrative crafted carefully enough to build proper momentum. 

Holland’s lead performance is solid, though irreparably hampered by the story’s structure, and Seyfried’s is a tad sharper, though that could be because she’s able to do more with less.”

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