Video Of Zomato Delivery Driver Eating Food From Plastic Bag Goes Viral

Video Of Zomato Delivery Driver Eating Food From Plastic Bag Goes Viral

Online food delivery has made our lives infinitely simpler. We can now order from our favourite restaurants and have it delivered to our doorsteps quickly and in a hassle-free manner. But what goes on behind the scenes at popular food delivery applications? There have been multiple instances when these applications have been criticised for the harsh working conditions of their delivery executives. Many people have pointed out that these minimum-wage gig workers are often made to work long hours without commensurate pay. And now, another video has highlighted this fact again. Recently, a video surfaced in which a Zomato agent was seen eating food from a plastic bag. Take a look:

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The video was shared by IAS officer Awanish Sharan on Twitter. “Iss mausam mein inka bhi khayal rakhein (Take care of these workers in this harsh weather),” he wrote in the tweet. The 20-second clip has received over 313k views and 9.8k likes and the numbers are constantly rising.
In the video, we could see a Zomato delivery driver in a residential area. He seemed to have just delivered an order and was taking a lunch break. However, rather than sitting down and eating his meal properly, he simply stood next to his bike and ate his lunch from a plastic bag. The dal chawal was finished by him in a hurry before he rushed off to his next delivery.
A number of internet users reacted to the video of the Zomato agent eating lunch from a plastic bag. Many of them felt that the food delivery workers deserved more credit for their effort. “The service industry staff deserve a standing ovation every moment of every day,” said one user. Another wrote, “This is just so heartbreaking to see them not getting time to even eat peacefully!” A few others suggested that we could all do our bit for these workers whenever they came to our homes to deliver food in harsh weather. “Take care of them the way you could when they visit you for services,” said a user.
Take a look at the reactions:

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