Viral Video: Diners Unfazed By Fire Outside Restaurant, Continue Eating Calmly

Viral Video: Diners Unfazed By Fire Outside Restaurant, Continue Eating Calmly

France is currently facing large-scale strikes throughout the country. A controversial reform passed by President Emmanuel Macron has sparked protests in Paris and other regions. Amidst this grave political upheaval, a short video clip has captured the imagination of Twitter users. In the video, we see the interiors of some kind of dining establishment. Outside the window, one can observe fire blazing – supposedly due to the actions of protesters. One would think that the diners inside would notice the fire and immediately flee from the danger. But that is not at all how they reacted. Watch the video below and see how the people behaved:

As you can see, the diners continued eating and drinking calmly despite the chaos outside. Their behaviour has stunned netizens, some of whom even questioned the authenticity of the video. However, a French newspaper, Liberation, confirmed that the incident did take place at a restaurant in Saint-Etienne on 20th March 2023. The restaurant told Liberation that the garbage bins were on fire outside, but the presence of firefighters reassured the customers to continue with their meal despite the explosions.
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The tweet has received 1.5M views so far. The same video has been shared by many people on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms. People began to compare the situation to the famous “This is fine” meme, which shows a cartoon dog reassuring himself with the words even as the room around it is in flames. One user sarcastically added, “The riot fires give a lovely ambience.” Another commented, “The term candlelit dinner takes on a new meaning.” Read how some of the other Twitter users reacted below:

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