Visit Blabber All Day In Juhu For Its Delightful Aesthetics And Aromas

Visit Blabber All Day In Juhu For Its Delightful Aesthetics And Aromas

Juhu is an undeniable culinary hotspot, especially when it comes to chic cafes. Blabber All Day is one of the latest openings in the locality and marks the cafe’s second location in the city (there’s also one in Borivali East). The space in Juhu carries forward the European vintage-inspired aesthetics of the original, with chandeliers, pastel prints and soft lighting. It also boasts of a similarly elaborate food and drinks menu, with a variety of Asian, Indian and fusion delicacies. We recently got the chance to taste some of them and we did not come away disappointed.

The chilli cheese dim sums were the best thing we tasted that evening. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

We began with a Tibetan Thukpa, which was a wholesome and flavourful start to our meal. It did have a slight tang that we did not anticipate. We decided to continue with an Asian appetiser, with a signature twist. This was the Chef’s Special Chilly Cheese Dim sum with creamy Philly cheese, water chestnut, chilli oil and crispy garlic. The dim sum wrappers were delicately soft (without being chewy) and contained nothing but yumminess inside. The pieces melted in our mouths with small bursts of flavour. These dim sums were one of the highlights of our evening and a treat we would definitely return to the cafe for.


The Harissa Chicken Tikka is a good choice for a non-veg starter. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

For those wanting an Indian starter, we recommend the Harissa Chicken Tikka. The chicken was cooked and flavoured perfectly. Not too fiery yet spicy enough, we happily relished it with the mint chutney provided. We also tried the Korean Tofu Baos. The buns came stamped with the cafe’s name, which was an interesting touch. The stuffing was lightly crunchy and had a hint of sweetness. Although tasty, spice lovers would mostly not like this one.


The Mac & Cheese had a hint of truffle essence. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

For the main course, we decided to go for what is a common order at many cafes: Mac & Cheese. We believe that it is not always easy to get a well-worn classic right, especially in today’s age of bizarre pasta experiments. But Blabber passed our test with flying colours. Their addition of Truffle essence was a great call, and we savoured every bite of the piping-hot pasta. However, it would have been even better if it were served with a piece of garlic bread. Note that this version of Mac & Cheese had a thick cheesy base. If you prefer to have a light and runny sauce, you might not like it as much.


Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Another main course dish we opted for was the Chilly Basil Sauce With Paneer Fried Rice. The sauce was actually a Thai-Style gravy. It was aromatic and filled with pieces of paneer that retained their softness. However, the dish as a whole didn’t pack as much heat as we were expecting. Nevertheless, we did find it delicious, especially since the fried rice was also prepared quite well. We found ourselves enjoying some of it even without any gravy or toppings.


The Berry Smoke mocktail (right) is a must-try

The Cafe has an impressive drink menu with a wide range of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic options. In the latter, you can find classic favourites like thick shakes, coffees, ice teas and the like. But what we especially appreciated was their unique choice of mocktails, some of which had unusual flavour combinations. After eating such a heavy meal, we played it safe with a Citrus Cooler, but also took a chance on the cafe’s signature Berry Smoke Mocktail. The cooler was far too icy, but the concoction itself was pleasurable and not overly sweet or sour. As for the Berry Smoke, it won our hearts from the first sip. The drink was flavoured with cranberry as well as basil and had a charming red hue. But it was the cinnamon smoke that gave it that extra edge, in terms of theatrics and taste.


The cafe’s signature rose cheesecake is served with a theatrical element. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Among the sweet dishes, we tried the Chef’s Special Nitro Rose Cheesecake. The theatrical element of this treat was fascinating as well – we were asked to crush the frozen rose petals by hand, right on top of the cheesecake. The dessert was delicately sweet and soft. Thankfully, they did not go overboard with the rose flavour, as is so often the case. It was an elegant way to mark the end of our evening.

The presentation of each of the dishes was decidedly attractive. One can’t help but take a few pretty pictures before digging in! This attention to aesthetics is also reflected in the overall ambience, which would provide a lovely Instagrammable background. But even if that’s not your priority, the cafe seems to be a comforting haven (that too one filled with mouth-watering food). Whether it’s a group outing with friends, a cosy date or a family gathering, this new cafe and bar can be a great choice.

Where: Blabber All Day, House, plot, Stanza Living Monterrey, 46, Gulmohar Rd, near CritiCare Hospital, Juhu Scheme, Juhu.

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