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Wahab Riaz explains Salman Butt’s sudden removal from selection role

Wahab Riaz explains Salman Butt

Salman Butt’s role as a Pakistan selection consultant was abruptly terminated within 24 hours of his appointment. The announcement of his removal came from Chief Selector Wahab Riaz on Saturday, who cited external pressures as the catalyst for this decision. Wahab accused the media of attempting to tarnish the reputation of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) following Butt’s inclusion in the advisory panel.

The PCB had initially confirmed the appointments of former cricketers Kamran Akmal, Rao Iftikhar Anjum, and Salman Butt as consultant members. However, the decision to include Butt drew intense criticism from the cricketing community, prompting a swift reversal.

Wahab emphasized that he was solely responsible for including Butt in the committee and asserted his decision to remove him.

“Salman Butt isn’t on any PCB panel. The decision to take Salman Butt’s name back is solely mine,” Wahab clarified.

“For me, he [Butt] is a good cricketing mind who understands cricket and has been covering domestic cricket for the past two to three years. He was made my consultant just to get his opinion, based on which some media houses and people started doing propaganda,” he added.

In addressing the controversy, Wahab asserted his authority as the chief selector, emphasizing that the decision of who works alongside him is his prerogative.

“As a chief selector, it’s my decision as to who will work with me and whose support I need,” he said.

“But people started discussing nepotism, due to which I am reversing this decision. I have already spoken to Salman Butt and told him that he cannot be a part of my team,” he added.