What Is Girl Dinner And Why Is It Trending? All You Need To Know

What Is Girl Dinner And Why Is It Trending? All You Need To Know

The internet is home to some of the most interesting and unique food trends. We have seen people coming up with all sorts of recipes, cooking techniques and kitchen hacks too. Recently, we have spotted a new trend on social media. Known as ‘girl dinner’, it is basically simplifying the last meal of the day and making it easy to put together and quite delicious too. Wondering what girl dinner is all about and why it has found a spot in the food trends of social media? Here’s all you need to know.
This new concept of ‘girl dinner’ has been trending all over social media. It basically means a quickly assembled meal that comprises bread, meat, vegetables, cheese and nuts. It is a no-cook concept that is quite easy to make when you are tired after a long day of work. You can think of it like a miniature version of a charcuterie board or a snack platter for one.
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The idea is to have a light meal comprising a variety of food groups in small quantities to fulfil our nighttime hunger without piling up on excess calories. It’s also a great way to finish off leftovers in the fridge. In fact, the ‘girl dinner’ has also found its own theme song on TikTok raking in millions of views. Take a look:

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A number of nutritionists are also supporting this new trend of eating a girl dinner. As per a report by Today, they feel that eating small quantities of tasty food can satisfy hunger cravings without over-indulging. “Although it’s still a good idea to opt for lower sodium and less processed ingredients, thinking of it as checking key boxes like protein and veggies can help make this trend a nutritional boom instead of a bust,” read the story by Today.
What did you think of the ‘girl dinner’ trend and would you try it? Tell us in the comments.

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